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     Mixx Masters customizes every Sweet 16 to meet your vision and theme.  Our years of experience has taught us that teenagers & adults get tired of the same old birthday party.  That’s why we are constantly updating our music, enhancements, latest trends, so each event is unique and new.  We get everyone involved with having fun without taking the spotlight off your child.

     Whether it be a Sweet Sixteen or a Quinceañera let Mixx Masters customize a complete package to make the event "Unforgettable".

      To Begin our event coordinator & DJ will meet with you to help with personalized planning, to meet your vision & theme. The traditional sweet sixteen which includes the Grand Entrance, Tiara and Changing of Shoes Ceremonies; the father & daughter Dance  (sometimes the mother & daughter dance) and the Candle Lighting Ceremony.

     All of our music is clean and edited unless otherwise approved by the parents. We will always take requests from your guests upon approval of the host & hostess.

     Every sweet sixteen is different then the next and so are the enhancements. Check our Package's & Enhancements page for popular sweet sixteen features. Pick a package that fits your needs then choose the enhancements to complete your vision & theme. Mixx Masters will customize a personalized package that will make your sweet sixteen "Unforgettable".

     Now that you have started the DJ process call or email Mixx Masters today to check availability & to schedule your first consultation. At your consultation we will review all of your plans and begin the process for your sweet sixteen.  You will receive our sweet sixteen planner, which will allow Mixx Masters to plan your "Unforgettable" day.

     It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Inquire, meet & reserve your date

2. Discuss your vision & theme to design your "Unforgettable" experience.

3. Showtime, this is the day you've been waiting for.

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